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It was really nice visiting Egypt and stay in your amazing hotel, Many thanks for our relaxing stay. Your staff are excellent and were especially friendly and helpful with our 2 young children. Thanx so much for all the help you gave me. I loved it.
jenny Hall
United Kingdom


Spring: 70°F - 85°F; Summer: 80°F - 130°F; Autumn: 70°F - 85°F; Winter: 60°F - 85°F. Bring comfortable shoes, a sweater, clothes you can layer and an all-weather coat. Sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses are also recommended. Some religious sites do not allow shorts or sleeveless shirts.


Arabic is the local language. Limited English is generally understood and spoken as well.

Passports and Visas

Passport and visa required.
Passports: To be valid at least 6 months or longer after the date of travel. Please check with the Embassy or nearest Consulate of the country that you plan to visit for their requirements.
Visas: If a visa is required, obtain it from the appropriate foreign consular representative. Some nationalities can get the visa on arrival, Like USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Argentine, Brazil, Ecuador, East & West Europe


The Egyptian pound is the currency of Egypt.


Tips are always a matter of personal discretion. No employees of Egypt Highlights are permitted to request tips either personally or on behalf of other service providers. Although bills normally include a service charge, it is customary to add a small gratuity in restaurants and other places that cater to tourists. Tipping is considered by locals to be a part of their normal remuneration and some may approach you for additional "compensation". There is no need to be intimidated by the request, nor should you feel pressured to pay more than recommended. If you become uncomfortable by any behavior you encounter, please advise your tour escort or phone our office. Numbers have been provided in your documents for your convenience.

We will give you a tipping guideline on arrival, you may use this guideline (as appropriate)


The voltage used is 220 volts.

*Note: The U.S. uses 120 volts and you can purchase a converter and transformer at most hardware stores for your 120V appliances.

Health Precautions

No inoculations are necessary when arriving in Egypte. But consult with your health care provider before traveling. *To prevent "Montezuma's Revenge," avoid the tap water, including raw fruits and vegetables washed in tap water. Your stomach may still become upset due to the change in diet. Bring anti-diarrhea medicine just in case.

*For the latest overseas travel health information, call the Center for Disease Control's traveler's hotline at 404-332-4559. Or visit their web site at www.cdc.gov

Conservation/Code of Conduct

Islam is the dominant influence and many traditional customs and beliefs are tied up with religion. The people are generally courteous and hospitable and expect similar respect from visitors. Handshaking will suffice as a greeting. Because Egypt is a Muslim country, dress should be conservative and women should not wear revealing clothes, particularly when in religious buildings and in towns (although the Western style of dress is accepted in modern nightclubs, restaurants, hotels and bars in Cairo, Alexandria and other tourist destinations). Official or social functions and smart restaurants usually require more formal wear. Smoking is very common.


We are not responsible for loss or damage to luggage and personal belongings; you MUST report any loss or damage immediately at the time of the incident and obtain a written report from the local authority for submission to your insurance provider. If you luggage is lost or damaged by the airlines, a baggage claim form MUST be filed with the carrier before leaving the airport.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance as additional security in the case of cancellation or interruption of travel plans, lost or damaged luggage, travel delays, illness, or accident. Keep all boarding passes, ticket copies and receipts for expenses paid during your trip if it later becomes necessary to file a claim.

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